We provide on-line Consulting and coaching for any parent who has ever had questions about their young child's development.

Skillful Play Therapy assists you in helping your child's development where they learn best; their home! 

We have centralized services by use of on-line consulting and coaching. This allows the flexibility you and your family need. But that isn't the only thing that sets us apart.

Our services are truly tailored to you and your child. We use proven interview techniques to get to know your family and set goals for your child that are important to you. And since services are in your home, you only use toys that your child already enjoys playing with. This allows for an organic play experience where you, the expert on your child, can work on the skills needed to help your child progress. 

Unlike other pediatric services, Skillful Play Therapy doesn't compartmentalize your child. Instead, we look at your whole child with a holistic approach in collaboration with you.

We provide simple and streamlined answers about your child's development.

Here is our on-line process:

  1. Consultation
  2. Developmental Evaluation
  3. Answering whether a delay is present or absent in your child's development
  4. Getting to know your family and your unique routines
  5. Designing a plan to assist you and your child
  6. Providing on-line coaching

You are the expert on your child, we are the experts in child development, and together we can achieve more.