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Positioning Your Baby

The most common muscle imbalance I see in children is torticollis. One of the ways torticollis can occur is due to improper positioning of an infant. In typically developing children (children without a medical diagnosis) you can PREVENT muscle imbalances from occurring in the first place. Why is it important?...Muscle imbalances can cause developmental delays in children...some signs may be hating tummy time, not rolling over, not crawling, one foot turning in, flat feet, toe walking, not walking, poor coordination, etc.

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What Parents Say That May Indicate Their Child Is Delayed

Parents often say things that indicate their child may have a developmental delay even before their child misses critical milestones such as walking.

The earlier you find answers the better. Don’t wait to talk to your pediatrician or trusted therapist. Skillful Play Therapy can help you.

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Practicing Physical Therapy Overseas

Arkansas State University prepared me for my career, my life experiences prepared me for living abroad, and practicing abroad has made me a better version of myself personally and professionally.

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Friendships in Vietnam

You cannot make it happily in Vietnam without local friends to help you. Not many people speak English, the market vendors will rip you off (maybe only a $1 but it starts to add up y'all), and you will eventually need a mechanic for your broke-down motorbike.

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