Should My Baby Use A Pacifier?

There is So much info out there on pacifiers! What's the big deal?! The research does provide clarity despite all the confusion.

Pacifier Use
Pacifier Use
Pacifier use for your baby is all about informed decisions.

Here's what is agreed upon:

  • Pacifiers can INCREASE the risk for:

    1. Early weaning from breast feeding

      • Best practice is to wait until breast feeding is well established (usually after the first month) before giving baby a pacifier.

    2. Ear infections increase with pacifier use AFTER 6 months of age

      • As little as 2 ear infections under 12 months of age can affect a child's speech when they are older.

    3. Teeth and palate misalignment increases with pacifier use AFTER 2 years of age

      • These misalignments can also affect speech.

  • Pacifiers can DECREASE the risk of:

    1. SIDS up to 6 months of age

      • Best to give baby pacifier only at onset of sleep up to 6 months of age.

    2. Pain perception during procedures

      • It's perfectly fine to give baby a pacifier during their shots for instance.

In Summary:

  • Here is what the American Academy of Pediatrics says based on the above research:

  1. Don't discourage pacifier use during the first 6 months of age.

  2. The risks of pacifier use starts to out-weight the benefits past the age of 10 months.

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Pacifier Use