Meet Candice

Dr. Candice Dunbar, PT

Dr. Candice Dunbar, PT

Candice graduated from Arkansas State University in 2012 with her doctorate in physical therapy. After practicing locally in Jonesboro, AR for several years, she was called to accept a mission as a civilian therapist for the U.S. military and moved overseas in 2015. There, she works with the children of our military men and women stationed in Japan and Italy. Between her work assignments, Candice spent six months volunteering in Vietnam at The Kianh Foundation for children with special needs. It was in Vietnam where she saw a need to provide therapy services outside of traditional means.

Candice measures success by the ability to help others. She understands the need for her services is far reaching and cannot be defined by the imaginary divide of state and country. This is why she founded Skillful Play Therapy.  She is pioneering online services for schools, health professionals, and families with young children in the U.S. and abroad so that the best information on early child development is accessible no matter where the need is.

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Meet Dr. Candice Dunbar, PT